Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The young boy walked through the harsh streets of the city seeking shelter. The cold and bitter wind swept around him like a tornado of sadness threatening to sweep him away. But, he resists those horrible feelings for a while. So he keeps on until he reaches a bridge and looks down into its murky fathoms and sees a face down on the surface. He doesn't recognize it, but it is his own reflection. He remembers his face as clean and happy, not this dirty sorrowful face staring back at him. Then the wind of sadness blew through him once more and he couldn't resist it this time. Suddenly the reflection moved, it moved over the railing of the bridge and was hanging from the reflection bridge. Then the reflection child let go and the young boy saw the reflection flying toward him. Finally, they collided and all went black.......

P.S. This is not how I'm feeling.

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