Thursday, October 13, 2011

To my mom! :)

So here I am writing you a letter, something I probably haven’t done since I stopped believing in Santa *wink*.
To express in words everything that you are to me would be like trying to fill the grand canyon one grain of sand at a time, but I’m going to try.

Everything I love about myself comes from you. My eyes, my ability to smile and laugh at myself. My perseverance, and ability to tell myself “It’ll all turn out in the end”. You taught me everything about life, from the most basic things like tying my laces and saying my ABC’s to much more complex things. Loving myself, simply because you love me, and complete understanding of others. You told me once that I’m to independent for a man. You are the one who taught me that independence, I’m happy being myself, you trust my opinion and always keep an open mind to what I have to say, not many adults have that respect for kids. You always listen to me and allow me to make my own mistakes. I’m sure you’ve watched me walk into situations that you knew were going to hurt, but the thing that lets me know how much you care is that you let me go into them. Had I been totally sheltered from life I’d never learn, and when life pushed me around you always gave me your shoulder and ear, and the strength to push back.


Mark Farrell said...

well technically you didnt say i was to independant far a man but you implied it!!

Mary: said...

Hahaha, I understood you.
I so loved this blog post, Mark. You made my birthday special in such a meaningful way. Thank you for writing again on your blog, and thank you for leaving me a letter so full of love.
You're the BEST!!!

Enrique Soto said...

Marcos, estoy visitando tu blog y no encuentro novedades. No dejes de explorar.
Un abrazo.